Why Tech Startups Should Invest in SEO

Tech Startups investing in SEO

Ever wonder why tech startups should invest in SEO?

As a tech startup, you must appreciate the value of having Google on your side. According to Worldometers, over 4 billion Google searches occur every day. Statista, as of October 2020, claims Google controls 88.14 percent of the global search market. Bing only controls 6.18 percent.

A recent post titled The Ultimate Guide for SEO Success for Tech StartUps teaches the basics of SEO, Google, and how to create the best answers to search queries. Important lessons include:

· The quality of your content determines SEO success;

· Significant time spent on your page makes Google trust that your content provides good answers to users searches; and

· Users found the best results for their searches in the shortest time.

Get ready for the next step.

Should Your Tech Startup Invest in SEO?

Yes, because SEO drives online business mostly through Google searches. SEO allows your business to stand out amongst your competitors.

Obtaining the Top 3 Google SERP rankings for relevant keywords using ethical organic SEO brings your site clicks. Even better, getting in as a Google Featured Snippet gives you more space in the SERP above the #1 ranked and the paid ads. Here’s an example of a Google Featured Snippet:

Google Featured Snippet Example

Imagine one of your web pages standing tall amongst all the Top SERPs and the paid ads! Often taking up 1/3 or 1/4 of Google’s first-page search results.

According to Ahref in a 2020 study, only 12% of all Google SERPs contain a Featured Snippet.

So, getting into Google Featured Snippets is good for your business.

The Benefits of Investing in SEO

Benefits of SEO

Too many startups get confused with increasing online traffic. It’s not the quantity of traffic to your site from search engines that count for SEO. It’s bringing you the right traffic. Thus, quality trumps quantity in SEO.

Boost your brand’s visibility on the internet, social media channels, and online forums with SEO. In time, potential customers recognize your brand through online exposure leading to increased sales.

A website remains online for many years. Longer than the life span of many office structures. SEO helps to sustain business longevity.

Targeted leads generated with proper use of keyword research through SEO. Which topics and search query answers generate the most traffic quickly? Focusing on highly relevant topics with little search competition leads to getting more targeted leads. Lift your SEO with relevant topics and keywords.

All these combines for an SEO strategy giving you a higher ROI (Return on Investment) leading to increased revenue and more profits. Also, more customer loyalty furthers business longevity. Proper SEO increases your profits.

Thus, SEO not only helps with more clicks based on high Google SERPs. Other benefits include:

· Brand recognition;

· Higher ROI with more revenue and profits;

· Increases business longevity;

· Growth of targeted leads; and

· Increased customer loyalty.

Are SEO Investments Expensive?

No, you don’t have to spend lots of money on SEO. Many SEO companies help you with an SEO strategy that doesn’t break the bank to reach your target audience.

The most important part of organic SEO is quality content. Good writers will make your web pages and blog posts stand out. Google seeks the best answers to search queries that keep searchers occupied with quality information. Good writers do that too.

Remember, you don’t have to pay a king’s ransom for quality content.

Is Your Tech Startup Ready to Invest in SEO?

Let’s sum up why tech startups should invest in SEO. First, knowing what Google wants:

· Google wants the best answers to search queries;

· Google seeks the highest quality content answering search questions;

· Quality content keeps users reading longer; and

· Users found the best answers in the shortest time.

Thus, answering Google search queries with quality content and keeping them on the site makes Google happy.

The best reward for quality content is getting into a Google Featured Snippet or greater exposure on the first SERP page.

The benefits of investing in SEO include:

· Boosting your brand’s visibility;

· Helping to sustain business longevity;

· Lifting your SEO with relevant topics and keywords; and

· Increasing your profits.

SEO doesn’t have to be expensive. Let your chosen SEO company prepare an SEO strategy that accomplishes your business goals that target an audience needing your services.

Are you ready to invest in SEO?


As you learned above, why tech startups should invest in SEO boils own to low-cost investment in SEO leads to success. This is achieved by:

· Quality trumping quantity in SEO;

· Boosting your brand’s visibility;

· SEO helping to sustain business longevity;

· Lifting your SEO with relevant topics and keywords; while

· Proper SEO increases your profits.

So, go ahead and invest in SEO.

Steven Rich, MBA

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