What Is SEO Positioning?

By: Steven Rich, MBA

February 15, 2021

SEO Positioning
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SEO positioning means using techniques to increase the position of your website and its pages in a search engine’s list of results. Every website strives to become the first recommended answer to an internet users’ question (or “query”).

Over 90% of internet users searching for information use search engines. They depend on Google or other search engines to recommend the best answer to their queries. Naturally, the first suggestion on the list of search results gets clicked most of the time.

If your web page is the first suggestion, expect more people to visit your website. Known as increasing “traffic” to your website. Increased traffic means more potential customers viewing your products or services. This leads to increased sales!

SEO Positioning

SEO positioning for the main search engines involves Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

Also, SEO positioning, known as “organic” SEO focuses on your website and its pages to provide quality content, keyword-rich titles, meta descriptions, and meta tags. As mentioned above, SEO positioning concentrates on providing the best answers for search queries.

No matter what you sell we treat all our clients individually based on their business goals. Let us create and build your brand on the internet with our SEO positioning services.

We have extensive experience developing big brands. That’s why we became confident of the effectiveness of our SEO positioning services. We treat every project individually. We base our SEO positioning services on your business goals which assures a satisfying effect.

SEO positioning means greater recognition by Google, Bing, and other search engines. Let’s use it for your success!

What is Web Positioning?

Web positioning differs from SEO positioning.

Web positioning involves a marketing strategy after using organic SEO positioning techniques. We study the analysis of the factors influencing your website’s position.

Over time, your website reaches a certain level of search engine rankings for its keywords. You may desire higher search engine rankings.

We use target marketing to advance your website on the internet.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM means a process where marketers create an image (or “brand”) to raise an identity in viewers’ minds. When they see your brand in advertisements on the internet, they quickly recognize your products or services.

For example, Microsoft successfully marketed their brand worldwide on the internet. People in China, Africa, Latin America, and Europe immediately recognize the Microsoft logo. That’s what their web positioning achieved.

That’s what we do. We create brands. Our experience developing big brands will help your company’s brand name achieve recognition and success selling your products and services. Let us use our web positioning techniques to increase your website’s traffic leading to more sales.

We use a strategy called “target” marketing. After analyzing what types of customers need your products and services, we target the right audience for your brand.

Targeting an audience involves analyzing your potential buyers’ location. How we help you to communicate your products and services to your target audience. Also, what information becomes most relevant for your audience.

Known as “digital” marketing, web positioning creates marketing campaigns within your budget tailored to reach your target audience.

We create accurate and effective internet campaigns so your website achieves success through web positioning.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves a process to improve a website’s visibility for internet searches. An internet user types a question (also called a query) in a search engine like Google or Bing. SEO improves a website’s chances to be the first answer that the search engine recommends to the searcher.

Search Engine Optimization means the process to achieve the highest results among all searches to select the best answer. A well-optimized website also increases visitors (traffic) seeking answers to similar questions.

How Search Engine Optimization works

Google and other search engines visit every web page on the internet. They use “bots” to crawl around every page in a website to collect information about each page. The search engine uses the information to create an “index”. Then, “algorithms” analyze each web page in the index using hundreds of factors to rank which page contains the best answer for every query.

Also, the algorithms determine which pages are relevant and authoritative which provide the best answer to the query. Optimizing web pages to become an authority on a given topic makes the pages rank higher in the search results.

What is a Search Engine?

A search engine allows users to search the internet for information using keywords. The search engine instantly looks at billions of web pages to find the best information.

A search engine website allows users to search for internet content. Users enter their desired search terms (query) into a search field. Then, the search engine quickly goes through the index and finds websites or web pages providing the best answers. Finally, the search engine’s website shows the best results as a list with the highest recommendation at the top.

By 2021, the Google website remained the champion of all global search engine websites. Google acquired 88% of the world’s search queries.

The Bing search engine website comes in second place with 6% of the global search queries. Yahoo’s search engine came in third place with 2.5% of the world’s searches.

Positioning Strategy

Position Strategy using Brands
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Positioning strategy means placing a brand in the minds of potential clients and customers. The brand differs itself from the products and services of the competition. Marketers call this “brand awareness”.

Positioning strategies attempt to position a company uniquely in the marketplace. When a user sees the Apple logo with an apple missing a bitten piece does he or she think of a fruit or the Apple computer and smartphones company?

A company cannot start a website and expect customers to find them. But, a company shouldn’t waste money on advertising trying to reach the types of customers interested in their products or services.

Therefore, a company must create a positioning strategy based on the needs of potential customers, the position of its competitors, and the marketplace. Thus, a positioning strategy lets a company focus on ways to overtake and beat the competition without wasting money on ineffective ads and promotions.

Let’s examine two positioning strategy processes.

Quality Position Strategy

Too many companies worry about quality in the wrong way. They focus on defects and problems. This ruins a company’s credibility in the marketplace by creating a negative mindset amongst customers.

Smart companies use a quality positioning strategy to separate themselves from their competitors. They advertise their high-quality materials and parts with little or no defects.

Companies selling products made with cheap parts and materials encounter customers unsatisfied with their durability and reliability. Their unhappy customers may want to pay more money for a competitor’s products that don’t break down.

Another advantage for selling durable and reliable products includes the ability to offer better guarantees than their competitors. Would you pay $20 for a product that breaks down in a year? Or, $30 for a similar but more durable and reliable product backed by a 5-year guarantee?

Cost Positioning Strategy

Amazon e-commerce and Walmart retail stores are the two largest retailers in the world. That’s because they use a cost positioning strategy effectively.

Cost positioning strategy eliminates wasteful procedures to reduce costs so these companies pass on their savings to their customers.

Lower costs for the same or similar products gain more customers.

Amazon reduces their management costs for every product they directly sell to their online customers. Therefore, they can afford lower prices and free shipping costs which their customers love. As their motto states: they sell everything “From A to Z”.

Walmart’s slogan: “Save Money. Live Better.” Sums up their cost positioning strategy attracting customers to their retail stores around the world.

Steven Rich, MBA on February 15, 2021

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Professional writer with MBA degree and many years experience with marketing, content writing, copywriting, and journalism.

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Steven Rich, MBA

Professional writer with MBA degree and many years experience with marketing, content writing, copywriting, and journalism.